Food I Can Eat Everyday

First, apologies for such poor quality photo. Among the many things I’m not is a good photographer, and I realize that I must start carrying my camera vs. trying to take a “photo” using my garbage Blackberry camera.

The above image is that of an gyro from Cafe Agora, a true Atlanta gem – a tiny powerhouse tucked away on the corner of East Paces Ferry and Peachtree Road. The food here is so good that I’m seriously rethinking my real estate strategy and considering buying a place nearby, despite its very Buckhead location – too much congestion, too little diversity, and flavorless in terms of good eats with only a few exceptions.

Walking in here, you know *right away* that it’s a family business – well, one-man business, and his name is Al. He’ll greet you as if you are walking into his home kitchen with a “Hello, friend!” Gosh, I wish I had a lot more friends who can cook like him. There are no traces of designer food, interior, or drinks at Cafe Agora. What you can expect instead is outstanding food with a great soul; those of you who are fortunate enough to have had a lot of home-cooked meals at friends’ & families’ houses know what I’m talking about.

You must, simply *must* get the maza platter when you go. It’s the pu pu platter of Mediterranean food and has everything from hummus, eggplant salad, Baba Ganoush, etc., and served with warm pieces of their pita bread, which are equally superb – soft , chewy, toasted just right; they go perfectly with the maza platter and gyro.

Their gyro, of course, is their most popular item, and understandably so. The meat is packed with so much flavor, tender, juicy with the perfect amount of char that it is one of the reasons I do not ever want to be a vegetarian. Another element that makes Al’s gyros stand out are the onions that had been marinated in fatoush salad dressing which offer a delightful surprise of a punch & a kick. Top it all off with a dash of their yogurt dressing, and you’re biting into heaven on earth. Ahhhhh….

Best of all, unlike cheeseburgers, gyros do not weigh me down and are very tough workout-friendly. Oh, and even if you are vegetarian, you’ll be just as happy with feasting on the maza platter. It’s enough for 2 normal-appetite people, but yours truly can gobble it all up by herself, no problemo.

Finally, whether you ask or not, Al will bring you a piece of baklava to finish off your meal. He and I did a “shot” of it together today, and it was delicious as always. We need way more Als in this world. We really do.

Today’s workout: Upper body circuit with half way up & all the way ups – chest presses, shoulder presses, bicep curls (21’s on those), triceps pull downs, and assisted pull ups. Stairs suicides & jumping jacks in between sets THEN: high-knee jump ropes, long/short jumps, mary katherines on Tabata. Tried to do burpees, but my arms were too shot.

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3 Responses to Food I Can Eat Everyday

  1. Michael says:

    YYYYYYYYEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!Great review. I also highly recommend the kabobs. So tender and juicy and packed with flavor. Al is a saint. More importantly, I'm excited about the blog. Well, the food part anyway. I didn't understand a blessed thing you were talking about in that exercise post. If you cover my meal costs, I'll tag along on all your outings and be your official food photographer. I think that's a fair trade off.

  2. thanks, mike! now it's your turn. photography blog, please!

  3. Jenny S says:

    We know of a great, cheap condo in buckhead that is close by – and the building is diverse!

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